Maintenance & Service Hammer Jet

To obtain maximum longevity of your product, we recommend our clients to conduct relevant cleaning, maintenance and service on the product - Below you will find an overview of the recommended cleaning, maintenance and service for the Hammer Jet.

Daily and/or within max. 2.5 hours of operation

Every 2.5 hours (max.)

Every 25 hours (max.)

Yearly or max.100 hours

Remove bitumen or other sticking materials from the wheels

Replace the pre-filter and inspect the cylinder filter for damage

Replace the cylinder filter and the pre-filter.

Send the turbine module incl. the nozzle to Zirocco for service

Remove dust, dirt and other particles from the mesh filter
(Replace if any holes occur in the mesh)

Clean the turbine compartment with a cloth and/or vacuum cleaner

Clean the turbine compartment with a cloth and/or vacuum cleaner


other sticking materials with a cloth from the nozzle

Check for loose bolts etc. - Tighten if necessary

Inspect the fuel filter and clean or replace if necessary


Clean the Hammer Jet with a cloth or similar
(Do not use pressurized water or air).


Clean the internals of the fuel tank by emptying it for fluid and particles

Charge the batteries in an original Makita charger to ensure full function and longevity.




At the 100 hour Service Check (only the Turbine module box, which is a 5 kg box module) Zirocco dismantle, clean, service and test all components. Thus, it has to be performed at our factory and lead time is app. 15-30 days from arrival. However, we offer 2 types of service check.

Recommended for off season service

Standard service check – price 1100 €

The turbine module box will be serviced at arrival and returned after app. 30 days.

Recommended for service during operational periods.

Replacement and extended warranty of 1 year (max. 100 hours) – price 3000€. Zirocco ship a fully serviced turbine module to the client, which he can install and keep. The client then sends his turbine to Zirocco (max 5 days from receiving the replacement turbine). Additionally 1 year warranty (max 100 hours) is included on the delivered turbine module. This can require a deposit of 5000 Euro, which will be refunded as soon as Zirocco has received the original turbine module and conducted the service without any repairs.