Product Registration

Registration has benefits

Service and Support
Get assistance on troubleshooting and service issues faster and more accurately

Service Notifications
Receive immediate information in case of failure or critical status, and become informed when a service check is recommended

Monthly Operations Report
Receive a monthly report showing your operations hours per day

Telematics and Hotline License Expiry
You will be informed 1 months prior to expiry of your license

Thank you for purchasing the Zirocco Jet Dryer

By submitting this Product Registration Form you will be able to receive hotline service and notifications directly from Zirocco related to serviceability and critical issues with your product. Your contact data as responsible for the Zirocco, will not be handed over to third party. Marketing material and newsletters will only be sent to the registered email, if requested below in the specific check box.

Registration must be within 14 days after date of purchase



Contact person in case of machine failure etc.

(the sales date from your distributor or if applicable from Zirocco)


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