Road/surface dryer & cleaner

The perfect dryer and cleaner for companies conducting line marking, tape removal and crack repair.
Due to the low noise level of 96 dB the Zirocco-M50 is also perfect for work in cities.

The affordable, compact and effective unit with the turbine A50, enables 15 cm width surface drying at speeds up to 3 km/h. The average fuel consumption is only 12 litre per hour(more than 2 hours on a fuel tank) and the operation costs per hour are only app. 31€.

The Zirocco-M50 offers many of the same advantages as of our well-known Zirocco-M100 including our high-end Telematics system. The Zirocco-M50 chassis is delivered with another inlet air filter, and without the towbar (accessory) for line drivers, but is compatible with the A100 turbine from the Zirocco-M100, hence wider drying width, than 30 cm can be obtained via an easy upgrade of the turbine module.

The turbine service intervals are 100 hours for optimal performance and expected turbine lifetime of app. 1500 hours. The turbine module can be replaced in few minutes.


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Turbine module: A50 (upgrade to A100 turbine module is possible)
Airflow: 50 m³ per minute
Temperature: App. 350-480°C (662-896°F)
Weight: 115 kg (253 lbs)/146 kg (321 lbs) with fuel
Drying width: 15-30 cm (6-12 inch) - delivered with 15 cm/6 inch nozzle
Drying speed: Up to 3 km/h (up to 1.8 mph)
Start-up time: App. 15 sec
Fuel: Standard Diesel EN 590 + 3-5% Zirocco Turbine Oil
Fuel tank capacity: 31 L (8.2 US Gallons)
Fuel consumption: 10-15 L/hour (3-4 US Gallons/hour)
Generator: No - Frequent charging required
Towbar for Line drivers: No - Accessory
No. of air filters required: 2
Noise level: 96 dB, at full power
Telematics: Yes
Maintenance:  Service Check